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Office Removals

Leadx Removals has been running for the past 7 years in the removal industry. Moving an office from one place to another or from one floor to the immediate floor is not an easy task. Our company understands the challenges coming along with office removals in Bath. We offer great solutions to our customers and advice on how to relocate an office easily. The company delivers prompt services making us the most preferred removal company in Bath.

Following our adequate resources and office removals team, we meet the high demand of our services very efficiently. We pride the success of the company on the entire enthusiastic team including the management and customer support staff. The company has invested broadly in different and latest tools and equipment needed by the employees. Therefore, you never experience delays with our staff due to lack of proper tools for the task.

The entire team of staff in Leadx Removals is friendly and treats all our clients with the respect they deserve. We advocate for excellent customer service to the clients. Our company serves a broad range of customers including privately owned company, Non- Government Organization, Commercial industries, and many more. We offer house removals services in Bath Monday to Sunday from 7.00AM to 7.00PM. The majority of the CEOs in Bath opt for a service with minimal disruption for the employees.

Most offices in the town remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays.  Therefore, our flexibility in offering services over the weekend attracts a higher demand from the company owners. With the new technology emerging from time to time, we conduct regular training programs for the removal team. This enhances their skills and enables them to execute their job with professionalism.

The company takes safety measure into consideration by ensuring all office equipment and machines are handled with care. During the packing process, we ensure confidential documents are properly sealed and fragile documents packed in our special packing cartons. On the arrival at the new office, the staff unpacks and arranges the office in accordance with instructions given to us. Also, we provide a technical team of experts handling detachable furniture and office cabinets.

The IT staff sets up the IT equipment ready for use by the firms’ employees come Monday morning. Been an accredited company for office removals in Bath is an additional advantage for us since the majority of clients go to licensed companies. We strictly abide by the regulations bestowed upon us. Leadx Removals has the adequate fleet of vehicles and machinery lifting heavy equipment such as power backup generators.

Our trucks come in different sizes thus accommodating either bulk or small office possessions. For the extra peace of mind of customers, we provide insurance coverage for the persons and goods in transit. In the case of changes with office arrangement after the set-up, we send our team for help with changes at no extra cost. You can always reach us by phone for more information regarding the house removals in Bath.

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