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About Leadx Removals

Leadx Removals a well-established company leading in removals services in the entire town of Bath. We are among the first five companies serving in the removals industry for the longest time. The company prides its growth and success to the consistent provision of rubbish, office, and house removals in Bath. We clearly understand various and demands requested by customers in the different departments of our services.

As a company, we applaud our employees for the excellent service they deliver when called for their duties. We give credit to the entire staff for dedicating all their efforts to the job and ensuring the client is fully satisfied. Our employees are very friendly, neatly dressed, and easy to strike a conversation with. The company takes safety measures into consideration by ensuring customers possessions are handled carefully. Before commencing on a particular task, we offer a free site visit to determine the amount of work ahead of us.

Also, we sit with the client to discuss any requirements or arrangements they may need. The company sends the right team for the task with proper tools, equipment, and packaging materials. We pack and label all the packages for easier process upon the arrival in the correct rooms. Leadx provides special packages for delicate items including wall hangings, crockery, and paintings. Everything is transported with much keen to avoid breakage and scratches.

The company has an excellent technical team taking care of all datable furniture and fittings as well cabling of electrical equipment. With abroad range of fleet, we can easily accommodate large machinery products including backup generators and internet servers. All our vehicles come in clean and perfect condition assuring client on non-interrupted trips due to mechanical breakdown. For additional safety, Leadx Removals provides insurance cover for the persons and good in transit.

When it comes to office removals in Bath, we outshine our competitors with our flexibility. Our company doesn’t mind providing removals services for office over the weekend when the majority of businesses remains closed. We offer services to a wide array of customers including schools, privately owned firms, government organizations, commercial industries, NGOs, and much more. Being a member of the Removals Association, we strictly adhere to the terms stated in the Code of Conduct.

We keep up with high standards of service delivery demanded by the Association. With new technology emerging from time to time, the company invests in the latest machinery for rubbish removals in Bath. Also, we put our staff on training programs enabling them to learn new techniques in the market thus enhancing their skills. Our services are available throughout the week from 7.00 AM to 6.00PM. Leadx Removals advocates for proper disposal of rubbish collected in the city.

Our rubbish removal service is based on contract or upon request since some of the waste services are impulsive. We have an exceptional relationship with residential owners and commercial industries who keep coming back for our services. The company has an excellent customers service team taking clients calls and answer any questions they ask.

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